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FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme: Sunday April 25th, 6pm @ the Rio Cinema

FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme
FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme
Year: 2003
Director: Kevin Fitzgerald
Producer: The Center for Hip Hop Education
Cast: Supernatural, Mos Def, Black Thought & ?uestlove of the Roots, Freestyle Fellowship, Lord Finesse, Cut Chemist, Craig G, Juice, DJ Kool Herc, Boots of the Coup, Medusa, Planet Asia, Sway, Crazy Legs, Jurassic-5, Wordsworth, Bobitto Garcia, The Last Poets
Run Time:
72 minutes

Following in the vein of the recent successful and in depth documentary Scratch which realistically delved into the world of Turntableism we now have coming to these shores the tremendous and critically acclaimed, award winning hip-hop documentary film: FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme. There was a recent press screening on Sunday April 25th at 6pm at the Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High St., London. And as scheduled for many of the advance screenings there was also an accompanying OPEN MIC after party just down the road at the Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London which was sponsored by Homegrown & XS Promotions. All that kicked off at 9pm and gave everyone time to jump on the bus and get down there in a leisurely manner.

This film generally sells out every screening it has, so donít sleep because you might not get another chance to see this amazing movie ever again! A true underground hip-hop flick from the states that took over ten years to make. Plus MCís shouldn't sleep either because there is a always a cipher/freestyle session following each screening, not just the press ones! It is a chance to demonstrate your skills against your peers in front of an audience who will be buzzing after seeing the film.

FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme (trt: 74 min, US, Super 16mm, 2003)

This film explosively documents the world of improvisational Rap and provides an authentic look into the life, music and culture of hip-hop in America today. Featuring Mos Def, Freestyle Fellowship, The Roots, Medusa, 2 Mex, Jurassic-5, Lord Finesse, Juice, Craig G, and Supernatural MC. This critically acclaimed documentary is packed with rare and archival footage of some of the most amazing hip-hop MC's ever to bless the MIC! These verbal artisans who improvise poetry out of a mix of language, politics and culture that make up their lives introduces viewers to revolutionary worlds where the English language is subverted and re-appropriated as a tool of economic and social empowerment.

This documentary film is the first independent educational film to counter false notions of hip-hopís erroneous negative and overly aggressive image. It holds great educational value for hip-hop enthusiasts as well as for those misinformed about hip-hop culture due to its intimate and honest portrayal of hard working independent artists. The filmís focus on a group of intelligent, ambitious, and talented young men in pursuit of a dream, deconstructs the Ďthug lifeí image that is often associated with the music. 1/2 art house cinema 1/2 underground mix-tape, a DJ plays for the audience before and after every screening; the filmmakers usually introduce the film and answer questions from the audience and there's an Open Mic and Cipher after every screening. This one is not to be missed!

Awards won:

  • WINNER of the HBO Best Documentary Award at Urban World Film Festival (New York City)

  • WINNER of the Special Jury Prize for Documentary Filmmaking, Florida Film Festival

  • WINNER of the Best of The Fest. at the Adelaide International Film Festival

  • WINNER of the Best Documentary Award & Maverick Award at the Woodstock Film Festival

  • WINNER of the Best Documentary & Audience Award at the Pan African Film Festival

  • WINNER of the Best Sound Track Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Official Selection:

  • Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

  • Slamdance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

  • Valencia Film Festival (Spain)

  • Maryland Film Festival

  • Brisbane International Film Festival

  • Leeds International Film Festival

  • SXSW Film Festival

"The energy is contagious, the poetry inspired, the most lively and informative movie about hip-hop since WILDSTYLE"
Amy Taubin - The Village Voice

" ...Takes on the culture and history of hip-hop, an awesome high-octane art form to behold, will literally leave you speechless."

"...Inspiring, mesmerizing, and creative revolutionary street poetry.... Eloquent social knowledge, The best of rap! "

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