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Jair Dynast - Curriculum Vitae CD [eMultimediagroup]
Jair Dynast - Curriculum Vitae
01. Struggle
Underground Hip Hop music producer, artist and songwriter, Jair Dynast a.k.a. Keir Bryan switched gears after he was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and could no longer play basketball as a student-athlete for coach Scanlan at South Plains College in west Texas.

As a basketball player, Jair Dynast had spent years honing his skills and working to earn a scholarship to pursue studies in engineering. Not getting support from his high school coach, he became his own recruiter/coach. He showcased his skills at basketball camps across the U.S. ranking in the top 60 and up and attended Prep School at Milford Academy, CT. He achieved his goal - he got the illusive scholarship.

Only weeks into his athletic scholarship, he's running a mile for time and suddenly he cannot breathe. As the events unfold, he cannot understand what's happening - he has worked so hard, overcome so many obstacles to get here. Who is trying to play God and turn his life upside down? He left Texas for Toronto with a canvas bag from Methodist Hospital (Lubbock) filled with asthma drugs, EKGs and chest x-rays in search of a concrete answer to his many questions. He wondered what would happen to him now. Who would pay for his university education? Would he even have the drive or the courage to be an engineer now? Is this divine intervention? How will he cope with this "no look pass" - after all, he's a basketball point guard? Jair is determined to make an impact by using underground Hip Hop to tell his very personal story to coaches and athletes everywhere. Athletes with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy usually drop dead suddenly - he was spared that fate for a reason and he is determined to find it.

Through underground Hip Hop and his single, "Struggle", Jair narrates his story and seeks to expose it to a larger audience. He wants to use Hip Hop to be the "voice crying out in the wilderness".

Jair is set to release a new rap CD, “Curriculum Vitae” featuring the introspective "Struggle", written, composed and produced by him on December 7, 2004 at Kim's Mondo in New York, Virgin Mega Stores and many more fine retailers worldwide. Currently #7 on the “All Time Best Production” list in Hip Hop at, this song tells the story of a born fighter who is willing to go up against the odds to achieve success. "Niggaz like, "wake up dawg that's all a dream"/I looked the Devil in the face and called his fire steam" spits Jair as he describes his days struggling to hone his skills and be a standout high school basketball player. This led him to attain the athletic scholarship to play at South Plains, a Nationally Ranked Division I Junior College in Texas.

Jair's lyrical imagery engulfs and at the same time, carries one along with him to his current spot as one of the underground’s elite up and coming recording artists - he weaves his deep baritone effortlessly through his mastery of production to let you into his world. And in his world, filled with nay Sayers, drugs and violence, he stands supreme even when dealt the ultimate, crushing blow - Jair learns he has to give up his scholarship due to an unforeseen heart ailment. "Here comes the real stress, no more Scholarship/Heart Ailment put it to rest lucky I ain't follow it". When asked why he chose to write the song Jair says, "As with all my music, it was just something I had to get off my chest. A story I had to tell. Anyone listening who has that dream or aspires for greatness can take something positive from the song because I'm still here. I'm still struggling to achieve - no matter what the obstacle, success is attainable".

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