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Judge - The Beginning Of The End

Judge - The Beginning Of The End

Australian Hip-Hop is about to get a slap in the face – from the Southwestern suburbs of Sydney hails Judge, with his solo debut, The Beginning of the End. As one half of the legendary duo The Eastern Bloc, Judge has built a reputation for hardcore rhymes that pull no punches and take no prisoners, and with this solo outing he doesn’t disappoint. With top-notch production by Nayss, Pabz, Nate The Great and his fellow crewmember A.S.I.P., Judge delivers 9 tracks of his trademark aggression, and tells it like it is. It also gives a taste of Judge’s live ability, featuring a freestyle recorded on Triple J’s Hip-Hop Show (Trk 5). The Beginning! 

Alongside proven classics such as “ When The West Invades laying down the law to weak Hip-Hop crews, new cuts like “ Outwest Mind Set explore themes and subject matter never before heard on an Australian release – instead, this is music relevant to the Hip-Hop generation living in the Sydney suburbs, and those in suburban regions around the country. Judge represents something fresh in Australian Hip-Hop scene – he knows what the Australian experience is. And if you’re a young male growing up in the regions of Cabramatta and Fairfield, it isn’t all waiting for scallops or deciding whether or not to go to your BBQ. Un-apologetically, TBOTE serves you Judge’s reality whet 

In the late 90s, Judge debuted in the scene alongside his brother A.S.I.P as The Eastern Bloc. Together they earnt a reputation as formidable battle MCs, taking out numerous audio battles against Australia’s then best. Early in 2003, A.S.I.P settled into the role of producer, and the two dropped “ Fuck A Demo” – an anti demo of sorts. Not only did it demonstrate their skills, but also it successfully sought to silence all nay sayers and doubters of the Bloc’s potential.

TBOTE showcases Judge’s extreme brand of MCing over a host of different beats, alongside the proven Eastern Bloc sound.

Its raw, straight up Sydney Hip-Hop – it’s the Beginning of the End.

To purchase this online go to and if you reside in Australia it is stocked at all stores that support Australian hip-hop.

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