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Kid Koala - Basin Street Blues CD [Ninja Tune]

Kid Koala
Kid Koala - Basin Street Blues
Kid Koala has been making his own way through the musical soundscape with little reference to passing fads or trends. He has been a creator of styles rather than a follower and as such has grown a following who regard his work with respect. This the Basin Street Blues is his latest offering is taken from the forthcoming Some Of My Best Freinds Are DJs LP and is as usual a mish mash of styles. As well as the musical tracks: Basin Street Blues, Vacation Island and 41 seconds of Exciting Excerps the CD also comes with a great animated video by Monkmus, produced in association with Rolling~C~Productions and Bravo!Fact. The video accompanies the music beautifully. It features an old tramp geezer who dies and crows fly out of his head. Yeah surreal, and as the video progresses the old guy is taken on a New Orleans type funeral procession with a band and people throwing confetti from their windows. From there things get a little more crazy with dancing cockroaches and pets and animals turning into balloons. The video draws to a close with everyone floating up to the heavens.

So the music then, Kid Koala aka Eric San has cooked up a trip down memory lane formed from lazy blues scatches and samples. Rather than the regimented regularity of a sequence the musical snippets have that live 'cut in' feel. There is a sloppy double bass and sax's or trumpets which aren't simply looped, but have their pitch wobbled. The track is instrumental, but the phraseology is provided by the skill of the scratching which takes the place of the verses and chorus. This is turntablism, crating new records by playing other bits from a turntable, and I would love to see Kid Koala and another DJ have a go at re-creating this live. The track takes its name from Basin Street, one of the most famous thoroughfares in N'Orleans. Not only that but the musical inspiration borrows much from the music that has emanated from this area in the past.

Vacation Island on the other hand has a lazy Hawaiian feel with the steel guitar, but the familiar turntable noises accompany as well. Kid Koala doesn't feel the need to have the most high tech and up to date scratching sounds. He isn't bothered about complexity, rather he is bothered about creating a refreshing and stimulating aural experience. Both tracks are down tempo and see Kid Koala explore specific styles for each one. Overall the record is more something to relax to, but is a creation to marvel at.

To round f the CD there is 41 seconds worth of samples, sax hits, coughs etc. Ninjas come up trumps again.

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