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The Legion Of Havvokk 2003 - Access Denied
Leigon Of Havvokk
This West coast artist collective of 18 people has joined talents and forces to produce their first Hip Hop project on double CD!
At first you can't help but think of them as the answer to the legendary Gangster Rap combo The Wu Tang Clan, only that they are based in the West Coast Bay area. To some this would be the most significant difference between the Legion of Havvokk and The Wu Tang Clan, considering the battles that went on between Hip Hop/Rap bands from the East and from West coast.

The main difference of Legion of Havvokk to groups like The Wu Tang Clan, lies in the conscious effort and humanity they put into their music. Right in the first passage after unfolding their detailed, shiny cover artwork, they state: Our music is designed not to add to crime, but to explain that all people are affected by it in some sort of fashion...we feel the frustration of the general population and want to spread their feelings without adding to the misfortune and mayhem that exists today.

Apart from taking a look at social and cultural misery in a tough yet refreshingly unglorifying manner, musically the debut album The Legion Of Havvokk 2003 - Access Denied features an abundance of tracks, fierce Raps, with all that good, danceable Hip Hop/Rap has to offer without ever getting boring. The double CD contains 34 well-produced fat tracks, featuring 18 multitalented underground artists, musicians, engineers and producers, from New York, Illinois, and California, who have joined the Legion to deliver a well-rounded product to true Hip Hop fans. The main motto of the band thereby is to professionally combine sound, lyrics, delivery, stage presence and feeling the crowd.

On tracks such as I Ride, Wrong Propaganda, Backyard Chaos or Life Behind The Trigga Legion of Havvokk may have invented a new sound, but they have a lot more to say, than many chart topping Rap artists, who still celebrate big cars, money, gangster life and chauvinism and that alone deserves enough respect and a highly recommended from my side!

By BeSonic.

For more info and for a quick listen visit the The Legion of Havvokk;s official homepage at :: mailto:[email protected]

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