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Lil Dap CD [Prosto]

Lil Dap CD [Prosto]
Lil Dap CD [Prosto]
Photo: Michal Dabal

Lil' Dap of the famous Group Home just signed a contract with the Prosto label for the upcoming release of a worldwide EP single. This will be dropping on both CDs and Vinyl editions, comprising the planned three new tracks produced by top beatsmiths Lil' Dap himself, Slim and Waco. The world wide aspects of this release continue as all vocals have been recorded in Warsaw, Poland, where the label is based. The first video clip is scheduled to be recorded this March, 2005 and then the plan is to have the single in stores around the first semester of the year.

Lil' Dap's first solo album is also planned to be recorded and released under the Prosto label name. The date of the LP's premiere will be around September 2005. Lil' Dap is a street hip-hop legend, and former member of an unbelievable band, from Brooklyn, the Premo produced crew Group Home.

Group Home started out on their recording career officially in 1994, with the single "Supa Star", which became a huge hip-hop hit, the first day it came out. Two years prior to this, in 1992, Lil' Dap was already collaborating with other hip-hop legends - Gangstarr and reportedly Group Home had been performing together as an underground hip-hop band since the 80's. It is unfortunate that since their debut, the band recorded just two albums, and only a few singles. Regardless many of their works are considered classics, and as Group Home they also featured on some guest spots with other rappers. As testament to their appeal almost every production of theirs has become deep engrained within the global hip-hop culture.

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