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Embee and Cosmic
In 1992 Producer/DJ Embee and the lyricists Promoe, Cosm.i.c & Supreme got together to form Looptroop in Västerås, Sweden. Together, the four of them have been pioneers in the independent Swedish Hip Hop movement and have shown that you can take things quite far without any backup from record companies, managers or booking agencies. This should be of some comfort to us in the UK. They have done this by releasing and distributing their own records, combined with a lot of performing at clubs and jams around their country. By touring they have also built up a reputation far beyond the Swedish borders. In addition to all sizable cities in Sweden, Looptroop have performed on numerous occasions in Copenhagen and have traveled to, and played at places including: Aalborg, Arhus, Roskilde Festival-98 (Denmark), Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Stade (Germany). Over the years they have also supported some top US acts such as: Company Flow, Pharoahe Monch, Artifacts, High & Mighty, Arsonists and Mass Influence, when they came over to Scandinavia.

It is on their own 'David vs. Goliath' label that Looptroop have relentlessly released all their records so far and have been receiving increasingly good responses from DJs, the radio and journalists throughout the whole of Scandinavia and the rest of the world, particularly in England, Germany, Japan, Australia and the U.S. They have been featured in leading hip hop magazines such as HHC (England), Backspin (Germany) and Revolver (Australia) to name a few.

Looptroop - King Of DiscoinPrevious Releases:
Fuck a Record Deal
(White label 1996)
Unsigned Hype EP
(DVSG 1997)
From Beyond K-Line EP
(DVSG 1998)
From the Wax Cabinet
(DVSG 1998)
The Way Beyond Mixtape
(DVSG 1998)
Heads or Tails EP
(DVSG 1998)
Schlook From Birth
(DVSG 1999)
Punx Not Dead
(DVSG 1999)
Ambush in The Night
(DVSG/Street Level 2000)

In late 1998, Looptroop started working on their album 'Modern Day City Symphony', which features all new material and shows a significant development, both lyrically and musically from their earlier material. For the intro they teamed up with one of the greatest DMC champions - DJ Noise and also hooked up some lyrics from Freestyle of the Arsonists for a couple of the other tracks. There are relatively few collaborations, but there was always going to be space for the fellow Swedish mic-holders Timbuktu & Kekke Kulcha who appear on 'Reclaim The City' and 'In The Place To Be' respectively. For us Anglo-phones, Looptroop deliver their on-point rhymes in English and prove that Hip Hop is truly Worldwide, not just limited to the usual territories of the US, France and maybe Germany. Many of the lyrics are about remaining true to their independent ideals and so should relate to many listeners, the music is tight, shows jazzy influences and points to the obvious inspiration these guys mast have obtained from the likes of De La Soul and the Jurassic 5. In these days of Jiggy shallowness it is nice to hear some deeper subjects touched upon, like exposing the record industry on 'Zombies' and staying true to all the elements Looptroop represent for graf on 'Ambush In The Night'. Looptroop have become well rounded over the years and with this LP have produced a solid offering which I'd urge every head to check for.

Looptroop - Modern Day City Symphony LP Modern Day City Symphony: Tracklist:
1. Intro
ft. DJ Noise 
2. Zombies
3. Ambush In The Night
4. Adrenaline Rush
5. Long Arm Of The Law
6. Fever
ft. Freestyle
7. Focus
ft. Freestyle 
8. Business & Pleasure
9. Hated By Everyone
10. Heed This Warning
ft. Freestyle 
11. In The Place To Be
ft. Kekke Kulcha 
12. Thief
13. Reclaim The City
ft. Timbuktu 
14. Interlude
15. Modern Day City Symphony 

Now the group are getting set to head over to the home of Hip Hop - New York to undertake what some might say is an impossible task - to sell foreign Hip Hop back to the originators! It might seem as though they might as well be trying to sell sand to the Arabs. 
Nevertheless, Sweden's foremost Hip Hop crew, Looptroop are going and are going to demonstrate why they are already renowned worldwide. On the 16th of October they play S.O.B. alongside acts including:
Mr. Supreme on turntables, Mission (Bay area), Paradime (Detroit), Source of Labor (Seattle), Panama Red (Seattle), Hemisphere (Atlanta) etc.

Further contacts:
Promotion: Mudda Johansson: [email protected] +46 19 17 46 90
Tomas Hedvall: [email protected] +46 19 17 46 90

Burning Heart Records, Box 441, 701 48 Örebro SWEDEN
Phone: +46-19-17 46 90 :: Fax: +46-19-17 46 99
Web: :: email: [email protected]

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