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I recently got a message written to me from Vilnius, Lithuania, where two top dudes, Terry and his partner-in-crime, Mark Splinter, are currently organising events trying to get an internet radio show off the ground. Whilst their intentions are to remain fairly eclectic and multi-genre, they also aim to feature a lot of UK-based Hip Hop and this could be a good opportunity for any up and coming acts to gain some valuable overseas exposure, and to make an early mark on an emerging Eastern European territory. Splinter had DJ Vadim out to Lithuania to do a few shows a few months back, and the UK refugees are definitely looking to bring some more UK acts over, whether they are DJs, Beatboxers, MCs or full crews. Check out the new radio show at for new cuts from One Self and Herbaliser.

Mark Splinter has long been involved in the scene via his Splinter Products web & design company which has produced tasty and pleasing on the eye websites and online presences, building up quite a portfolio to include work for DJ Vadim, >Arro, Nicky Blackmarket  and the Human Beatbox Convention amongst others. They have done a wide variety of work ranging from worth non-profit projects to major schemes for multi-nationals. We are talking about organised and professional individuals who are able to talk the talk. At the present time as well as looking for listeners, they also have a need for producers (from both unsigned or on independent labels) to contribute music, and they would also like to feature some other DJs on the radio show. To this end they have prepared a kind of press release as follows:

"Mishkas is a new music / video project from two British chaps living in Lithuania: Mark Splinter and Terry Casablanca.

Mishkas (which means forest in Lithuanian) takes the best independent / unsigned music and mixes it with video, both live in Vilnius and on the internet - check out and download our latest radio show at featuring the latest cuts from Herbaliser and One Self.

The duo would like and readers to get involved with Mishkas by contributing your music (and, of course, by listening to the show!). Mark and Terry are at present keeping an eclectic, multi-genre ethos - after all, forests that only contain one species of tree are the most lifeless of all. So, anything goes, so long as it's good. There are loads of opportunities and so if you would like to produce your own show for Mishkas, that can also be arranged...

Here in Lithuania there's a new emerging, exciting music scene which we want others to experience. Splinter has already brought Vadim out here - a lot more is going to be happening in the future, so watch this space and start visiting the forest."

Check them out... :: [email protected] ::

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