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Omni - Burgundy Brown CD [BLX Records]
Some people were just made for certain things. Every now and then fate and circumstance combine to bestow an individual with the exact kinds of qualities, experiences and talents that make him or her flawlessly suited to one specific calling. Louis Armstrong couldn’t have been anything but the musical ambassador history remembers him as. The story of BB King’s life reads like an introduction to blues, and the world would be a different place today if he had done anything else with his life. Omni was born to be a rapper. A really good one. And while comparisons to Armstrong and King may seem extreme, anyone who has ever heard Omni in motion will tell you that the guitar legend and the ambassador of jazz are in good company.

In 1997 Omni became a member of infamous L.A. hip-hop crew B.L.X. (BassLine Xcursionists) and his streaming, fluid, universal flow was released on record for the first time on B.L.X.’s classic sophomore album Sunch Punch. Songs like “Offhand” and “Bounce Like Tigger” became underground favourites thanks to Omni’s relentless, fluid mic attack, and he promptly got down to the business of paying his dues, rocking shows at the rate of two a week with B.L.X. Omni quickly gained a reputation as the L.A. emcee to watch for. His solo debut Funkdafied Freddy was released in 2001 on Belgian independent powerhouse B9000 Records and enjoyed intense support from down-ass critics and real-ass fans. Omnipresent epitomizes his name throughout the record, switching from hardcore party rhymes and street narratives to life observations and philosophical lyrics, all encased in bass-heavy, instrumental funk tracks provided by producers ABCDEFG, Legacy, Wigs, Desk and the B9000 production squad.

Summer ’04 will see the release of Burgundy Brown, Omni’s sophomore album and the first full-length from the newly minted BassLine Xcursions imprint. Burgundy boasts more of Omni’s trademark style and swagger, but also opens up to reveal many more sides of the man behind the mic, as he experiments with brand new concepts and sounds, resulting in a fearless record that covers a spectrum of diverse emotions and attitudes. Burgundy features production from the B9000 Powerhouse, Leggo, Eargasm and Javier, as well as guest emcees Sklim Milx and MOLMan of B.L.X. Omni is hip-hop incarnate, with all its style, attitude, character and contradiction. He is the future of emceeing: young, talented, and versatile. He has a duty to rap – and it’s in your best interests to listen.

Omni - Burgundy Brown CD out now on BLX Records ::
1-310-895-5760 - celly :: 1-213-390-4764 - v.m
B.L.X. Records, 3757 Westwood BLVD #6, LA, CA, 90034


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