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Saul Williams - Not In My Name ZEN12135
Saul Williams - Not In My Name
Pledge Of Resistance (original)
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Pledge Of Resistance Video
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September 12th (original)
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Bloodletting (original)
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Pledge Of Resistance Remixes
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2. Coldcut remix
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3. DJ Goo remix
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Stop the war. Itís a simple statement, one being expressed by more and more people both in the UK and in the US (a growing majority, in fact). But it seems a message thatís easy for the politicians to ignore. Nobody is suggesting that a record can make any difference to that, but if you are a musician and poet then how else can you choose to express your anger, your defiance? And if you are Saul Williams, you can at least be sure that your message hits with power.

Since Saul Williams recorded debut, "Twice The First Time," this young blood poet, MC and actor/director from America has impressed the world with skilful words and the moral and political weight of his views. So when Saul was asked to become involved in the American "Not In Our Name" campaign he was keen to oblige. The results are now here Ė a strong, resonant voice in the growing cacophony of protest. DJ Spooky, Coldcut and DJ Goo all volunteered their time and wicked beat fuelled flavour to remix this track and support "Not In Our Name."

"I am releasing these songs," states Williams, "because music is perhaps our greatest means of political amassment, because the airwaves are imbalanced and have conditioned us either into a state of apathy or to a state of condoning unjust violence and militarism carried out in our name".

The first MP3 opens with Williams reading the campaign's "Pledge Of Resistance" in front of a live audience at the Art Speaks Concert Against The War at the Palace in Los Angeles on May 12, 2002. This is followed up by two new Williams compositions: "September 12th" and "Bloodletting". The triumvirate of heavyweight beats and breaks remixes from DJ Spooky, Coldcut and France's DJ Goo finish remixes of "Not In My Name" taking the vocals to a completely urbanised beat complementing the urgent poetic message.

We could talk some more about the mixes, but instead check out a message put with real power and moral outrage and decide for yourself whether it makes any difference. Together these tracks present a blazing tirade against the morraly bankrupt and pernicious war the Bush and Blair governments are threatening to wage on the people of Iraq and which brings the wole of the Western world into disrepute... 

Ninja Tune & Synchronic Records (DJ Spooky's label) are jointly releasing this for Europe and North America, but not until March.

"If we only see what they want us to see,
We'll only be what they want us to be
- Fighting in their army"

- September 12th

All profits go to charity. :: :: :: [email protected]

Saul Williams - Not In My Name

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