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Sean Paul - I'm Still In Love With You [EastWest/Atlantic]
Sean Paul - I'm Still In Love With You
1. I'm Still In Love With You ft. Sasha
2. Like Glue (Give Dem A Run Remix)

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‘I’m Still In Love With You is the brand new single by dancehall superstar Sean Paul and gets released January 5th, 2004. From all the praise we have heaped on his LP on this site you can tell that we are still in love with Sean Paul's music as well. He can really do no wrong at the moment and amazingly ‘I’m Still In Love With You’ is the fourth single from the album Dutty Rock, but I'm not tiring of his exposure. The album its self is nearing double platinum status and this single follows the blaze lit by Sean’s previous 3 top 5 singles. Not satisfied with filling the charts repeatedly with his own releases he has made 2003 almost Sean Paul overkill year because we hardly need mention his collaboration with Blu Cantrell which stormed the UK chart right up to #1, staying there for an pretty much unheard of four weeks in today's era of one week hits and he also hooked up with 2003's woman of the year Beyonce for the ‘Baby Boy’ track which its self reached #2.

I'm Still In Love With You features the soulful Sasha on the plaintiff vocals and overall the track has an old rockers feel rather than the harder dancehall sound that Sean Paul has become more associated with. He is however pretty versatile and his LP does cover a variety of styles. This track is one on a more light-hearted tip and is definitely one for the ladies. The contagious groove created by the dons of production Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson & Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne with additional work from Murray Elias is designed to make anyone sway from side to side with the typical off beat guitar. The track fuses the singing of Sasha with the grimeyness of Sean Paul as they go back and forth expressing their feeling for each other. The track just needs rewinding every time.

The second track on this slightly disappointingly short product is the Give Dem A Run Remix of Like Glue, the previous single. This time the production is by Tony CD Kelly and he as created quite a different track, with a more electronic and possibly dare I say it - a dance feel. The Dancehall beat is still there but the repetitive midrange bassline and distorted electronic sounds are not your usual palette of sounds for underground reggae and more associated with modern club tracks. For some reason I have thought that all versions of Like Glue didn't really have a main change or chorus - something to latch on that would identify the track. This one is a bit the same and I did think that this wouldn't be getting played much past the first verse, but like so much Sean Paul the listener just gets drawn in and there is no need to reach for the remote control.

Thanks to Sean Paul, the year 2003 has seen reggae-dancehall music suitably re-introduced to the mainstream, I'm sure that Sean Paul would appreciate your continued support.

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