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Spesh-Ill-KSpesh got in contact looking for some British/European promotion for the music he is making in Canada. He would like to try and do some touring over here in may 2002. Get at him with any feedback or contacts he should try to get...

Spesh-Ill-K is no longer a rookie to the Hip-Hop scene. The S.I.K. EP was released on May 6th 2000, and produced by Halifax Pioneer JoRun. Spesh managed to sell 200 copies of this self-distributed, and self-funded album. The album was promoted by CKDU radio play, numerous performances in Halifax alone and throughout Nova Scotia, and a positive review from the Coast Magazine. "... and when Spesh-ill-K plays up the humor and plays down the retro factor he wins me over." (James Covey, Coast Magazine Aug 3-10, 2000).

Musically the next year the rhymes, song ideas, and quality of music progressed an estimated 397.3% as Spesh completed his first full length album "Ineffable" which has production by LoPro, Classified, and Mike Cowie. He has been featured on various other releases such as two tracks on Collizion's "Head On" album, two tracks on Mike Cowie's "Big Night Out" album, and 2 tracks on J-Bru's "Tell Me What You Like!?!" LP.

Within one week of Ineffable's release it was nominated for the online voting portion by the Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC) for the best hiphop/rap recording at their 2001 Urban Xposure Awards. This album like the last is self distributed, and self funded. The August edition of Reverb Magazine reviewed "Ineffable" and concluded "I'm down with this album. If local, underground hip-hop is your thing, get this CD." -Erin Thorne. liked the album enough to put track #4 "Stop That" on their nationally distributed "". This album will be released in October 2001, and feature some of Canada's premier underground emcees.

Spesh-Ill-K has been on the radio nationally on CBC, several DJ's in the USA have played his music and also DJ's accross Canada and in Europe. This is an email received from the CBC:

Hey there!

This message is to inform you of a special new radio show hitting the CBCRadio2 airwaves!

It is called "NewMusicCanada"! And will feature an hour of music taken from the amazing new web-site known as

When does it air? Be sure to tune in every Saturday evening. In the fifth hour of RadioSonic (11pm for most), or an hour before Radio Escapade.

It will showcase music from each of the five genres of music on AND, this note is also to inform you that you will be played this week! loves you all! Keep the music comin'!

Mary-Anne Korosi, Producer, "Put It In Your Ear", Saturday 11pm, CBC Radio2

What They Think:

"They like your shit"
- DJ ElementZ on how New Brunswick HipHop Crew's feel about Spesh-Ill-K's music

"I play your shit all tha time"
- DJ ElementZ on his radio show the Rap Resevoir in St. John, New Brunswick, 92.5 FM UNBSJ RADIO, Wednesday night 9-11 pm.

"your new songs are the bomb i cant wait to hear more."
-B.O.H. tha undarunnaz a crew from Truro, Nova Scotia

"Those tracks were blazin. If you send me a CD, I'll definitely play it. The show is on 88.3 WCBN, on Saturday nights from 9-12."
-Chill Will, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Rapper Spesh-Ill-K also got into the act and the audience loved it."
-Greg Guy on Mike Cowie's album release party. The Sunday Herald, March 11, 2001. Greg Guy is the Entertainment Editor for The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail-Star, and The Sunday Herald.

Contact info: Kevin Kinch, 6806 Edward Arab Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3L-2E1
Visit Spesh on the web: :: Email: [email protected]

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