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Stealth Magazine

Stealth MagazineStealth Magazine outta Sydney, effectively Australia's largest ever hip hop mag is really nice and if you have missed it so far issue 4 hits the stores November 2000. Edited by Mark Pollard (of the Mothership Connection radio show on 2SER) this magazine provides a worldwide perspective on this thing we call 'Rap' and definitely knows what time it is with a large selection of UK based artist information.

So, after 6 months of shitfighting, as Mark puts it, the magazine is now out in Sydney. He is presently trying to tee up some distribution in the UK because there is a fair bit of Brit-ish covered and he aims to cover a lot more UK hip hop in the future...

This issue is full colour, 84 pages deep and comes with a CD-Rom attached. The CD includes an exclusive track from Braintax and Taskforce 'The Three Amigos' and the mag has interviews with them as well. Also featured on the UK side are: Procryptix, Wildflower, The Creators and various others...

There are a total of eight 8 tracks on the CD-Rom, including, as well as the Braintax / Task Force collabo, tracks  from Sole, Them, Celsius, Koolism, Primeridian, Spontaneous and Jase...

Other Names featured Issue 4 include: Celsius, Cypress Hill, Dave Kinsey, Herb & Ray, Tom Silverman & the Tommy Boy Story (part 1), Tony Touch, Zion I, Obscure Disorder, Tha Blue Herb, Kilawattz, Procryptix, Creators, Nuffsaid, Amel, PUTS, J Zone, Rascalz, Braintax, Taskforce, Diaz, Tanya Hansen, Wildflower, Trem, TTC. Urban Xpressions, Boney Stoney, Nasty Tek, Scram, Banos, Crums, Brick, Unique, Atome, Dephy, Kink, Nasty, Reach, Puzle, Pound, Hams, Odie, Jayme, Inpact, Prins, Stet, Phibs, Dmote, Zombie and SPICE.

Stealth Magazine

So why has it taken Mark so long to get this issue of the mag ready - after all we have been hearing about the CD for some time. Well some shit went down with the internet start up company they were working for ( when it got taken over by a big media player. Jobs were axed and to add to the problems the printers in Hong Kong were unaccommodating to the situation. But Mark never gave up on his baby and after a lot of effort he has managed to get the product out and even improve the quality!

If anyone out there can help the Stealth crew with distribution or promotional help get in contact with them with any suggestions/contacts.

To get on the vibe email: [email protected] to order your copy.

As Mentioned before Mark also does a bit of radio (The Mothership Connection) and is making big things happen there too. It used to be the case that you had to be in Sydney (107.3FM) to peep the show but now you can tune in over the net PLUS there are also extra hours broadcast now. So now you can check out what hip hop is coming out of the speakers at Stealth by pointing your browser to: (streamed live) at the following times:

Monday Nights 1am to 3am Sydney time
UK: Monday 3pm to 5pm
NY: Monday morning 9am to 11am
LA: Monday 6am to 8am

Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm Sydney time
UK: Tuesday 4am to 6am
NY: Tuesday night 10pm to 12am
LA: Tuesday night 7pm to 9pm

Playlists are available at

Also check the International Hip Hop Show:, for 2 hours of hip hop from Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, France and Germany. And for Hip Hop Slam and Melodromatic.

Additionally, check out the production competition at, sponsored by Stealth Magazine until 31 December 2000.

Contact: Stealth, GPO Box 666, Sydney, NSW 1043, Australia
Web: :: Email: [email protected].

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