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TTC - De Pauvres Riches Remixes 12" :: BD 044 :: Released:10/02/03
TTC - De Pauves Riches - Remixes 12
01 De Pauves Riches
02 Black Fu's Empty Pocket Remix
03 Face Riches Pauvres (Diplodocus Electric Manatee Remix)
04 Face Riches Pauvres (Tacteel Remix)
05 Face Riches Pauvres (TVA Remix)
I got hammered by several French people after I said I didn't rate a Sian Supa crew, and as a general rule I haven't been too into French Hip Hop. But, TTC are something a bit different. First off they appear to be completely insane and are rapidly becoming one of France's most popular crews. This 12" sees the group return with remixes of one of the many classic moments from their debut album, "Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque" ("This Is Not A Record"). 

I though with my limited French that I would have picked out something from the lyrics, but unfortunately it is largely unintelligible to me. The track upon which the rmixes are based, "De Pauvre Riches" is an anti-backpacker anthem and charts the lives of France's bourgeois-bohemenians, a conundrum we have to contend with over here as well. As Teki Latex the main producer memorably puts it (in French): "She's been listening to politically conscious rap for such a long time "because the system we live in is, like, so, so unfair" and this, it really annoys her. It's not her fault if her parents are lawyers, she hadn't had the slightest chance, she would have liked to have a choice." However, Hip Hop runs a big risk in making the statement, "Rich kids who think they're down - don't you just love them?", because one has to remember the likes of Gangstarr who are not exactly from underprivileged backgrounds and have brought us some of the most classic and enduring songs and productions.

To add to the mayhem, alongside the original DJ Vadim-produced tune, the new single features mixes from insane electro-funk sandwich-manglers the Detroit Grand Pubahs, avant garde Florida bounce man Diplo (who you will be hearing more of soon), French producer Tacteel (who contributed the beat for the amazing "En Soulevant Le Couvercle" on their album) and Parisan electronica oddballs Octet. Each remix is startlingly different and brings out different elements to the track.

DJ Vadim's original features some weird oboe samples which sound like they could have come from San Saens Carnival of the Animals or something along with minimal percussion and other backing the track is sparse to say the least. The stop start of the beat gives this an original and appealing feel which is quite different to most tracks doing the rounds these days. Black Fu's remix adds more of a space age feel with its opening synthesiser washes and vocoder vocals. Once the beat kick in there is more of a two step feel than the original. TTC apparently loved DGP's booty funk re-work so much they re-vocalled the tune, so it's something new all over again. 

The Diploducus remix brings a bass heavy richness to their re-working, and with its shuffling Slick Rick type shakers and Hammond is something completely different again. Throughout all the tracks there is a general abstractness which keeps the listener engaged. Tacteel's version again is heavy on the electronica, reminiscent of the new direction supposedly pioneered on the Extra Yard LP, also from Big Dada. The final mix from TVC twists reality even further with the expert use of backwards sounds and reversed sections along with extensive vocal effects, ranging from distortion, to vocoder and echoes. Each of the mixes brings something new to the party, yet they manage to adhere to the core values of the original. Namely being original and maintaining a stuttery effect to the syncopation.

The cover is dope, and original too. It continues along the same lines of the design utilised for some previous TTC releases. The cover is of a suave b-boy depicted in a room constructed of a simple, yet detailed in places, line drawing. The design is by Kid Acne and although not entirely representative of the sound you'll find inside is suitably off key to fit the theme. Check it, you rich bastards!


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