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Tuks Life Demo CD 
Tuks Life aka Killa
Sample tracks:
This Is How It Is Going Down
Watch Out Now
My man Tuks Life aka Killa just passed by to drop off the demo that he has been working on since coming over to the UK from Johannesburg in South Africa. At the young age of 21 this is a big step to take and somehow he has ended up in Finsbury Park. The guy has drive and ambition and is doing what he can to connect with heads and obtain more beats over which to display his skills.

He is constantly writing rhymes and told me that he laid down the vocals to the five complete tracks on this demo in just one day due to time commitments and complicated schedules. I did say that he, on occasion could be a touch tighter on the beat, but in reality he has done well with the limited time available and the flow is understandable considering he was not able to go back and correct any mistakes. What you hear here are continuous raps without any technical jiggerypokery or drop ins. It is the raw spittage.

The main impressive thing about Tuks Life is his ability to take a topic and rap a whole track on the same subject matter. I feel there are too many MCs who switch up topics from line to line and can't keep the continuity throughout the track.

The majority of the as yet untitled tracks on the demo are produced with Tuks' main producer Brian from Wembley Park in North West London, but he has also hooked up with Tony from Tooting Broadway in South London with whom he is working on some new material, one of which remakes a great George Michael piano riff which everyone should recognise and be familiar with. Within the production across the demo tracks there are obvious samples which are nicely crafted, but there is also a great deal of original instrumentation and as such the whole package has a distinctive sound. Tuks needs to work on his tightness, not stumbling over multi-syllabic word sequences and to gain a touch more presence, but he has the charisma and a unique accent and in time you may well be haring more of this guy.

In short Tuks has taken a great risk by coming here and chasing his dream and ideally is looking to secure a recording deal. If there is anyone out there that feels his work make sure you hit him up and let him know what your thoughts are.

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