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The Wash : Lions Gate : 2001 : 96 Minutes : Rated 15
The Wash

The Wash is the 2001 film that sees flat mates Snoop Dogg and Dre team up together to run a Drive Thru Car Wash. On first appearances this has all the hallmarks of a 70's blackspolitation flick, but it also has much in common with other male oriented films such as those American University Fraternity pictures which might have starred actors like Chevy Chase for example. There is no deep thinking here, like a Schindler's List or even Terminator. This is a real sit down for a laugh stuff, and you have to leave your brain at the door. The film is actually a remake of the Richard Prior comedy Car Wash and is directed this time around by old skool producer DJ Pooh who previously directed Friday and also features here as a half baked kidnapper. Alongside Dre, who plays Sean a lowly Foot Locker employee and Snoop who plays Dee Loc the wash's weeded out hired hand who also juggles a bit on the side, Angell Conwell features as Antoinette the cashier and George Wallace stars as Little Nicky the Wash's boss. There are numerous cameos from the likes of by NBA star Shaquille O'Neil, star of many Marijuana based films Tommy Chong, and long since un-funny comedian Pauley Shore.

The Wash - DJ Pooh The Wash - Dr Dre The Wash - Dre and Snoop

The Wash - Snoop Pimp

The crew hang out at the car wash in Los Angeles, smoking blunts, booming tunes and hitting on any ladies that happen to pass by, until things take a turn for the worse when Sean finds out that he is to be thrown out of his accommodation and have his car is to be repossessed unless he can pay his outstanding bills. Obtaining a job as the assistant manager Sean becomes Dee's boss and their status quo is ruined. Whilst Dre and Snoop's on screen relationship is stretched Mr Washington is kidnapped following a series of increasingly serious phone threats from former car wash employee, none other than Eminem. Following this the car wash employees decide to try and save him.

The Wash - DJ Pooh

The Wash - Snoop

The Wash - DVD cover

I can't give away too much of the plot, but suffice to say there is not much meat on here. It is often just silly rather than hilarious and sometimes it seems the object was just to film the guys having a laugh. Profanities abound throughout and unless you approach this film with the correct mindset, you will not get much from it. However if you like Hip Hop, spliffs, girls and juvenile humour, you'll find it a complete riot! There are a lot of stereotypes portrayed here and without the substantial script to support the film, it seems these actors are imposing limits on themselves. This may however be due to the lack of legitimate avenues for these artists to break through.

Technically the DVD is of a high standard, the movie its self being in widescreen, and the soundtrack in Dolby 5.1. The soundtrack is of course heavy on Dre and Snoop and comes across loud and clear. There are English and Spanish subtitles and a few little extra features you now come to expect from a DVD. There is for example, interviews with the cast at the opening night screenings as well as a cheap 'making of' type feature. Finally, there is a music video for the song "Bad Intentions" by Dr. Dre featuring Knoc-Turn'al as well as a theatrical trailer for the film. Bonus trailers are also available on a hidden "Lions Gate" insignia on the bottom of the main menu.

Rental Release Information - VHS
Release date: 9th December 2002
Catalogue no: MTD175
BBFC: 15 (18 Ireland)
Running Time: 83 minutes
Rental VHS Cost Price: £49.95
Rental Release Information - DVD
Release date: 9th December 2002
Catalogue no: MTD5092
BBFC: 15 (18 Ireland)
Running time: 83 minutes
DVD details: DVD-5, 16 x 9 anamorphic widescreen Feature, Dolby Digital 5.1 English
Special features: Theatrical trailer, "Making of…" featurette, TV spots
Rental DVD Cost Price: £25.00


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