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Rob Mantell came on board and started off the UK Hip Hop Lyrics section. He did a sterling job and the aim as with everything else is to make this as comprehensive as possible, but we need your help in transcribing the lyrics and sending them in. So if there is a track you think should be up here you know what to do... Additionally if we have made any error in our transcriptions please let us know so we can correct them. Of course if you write your own lyrics, poetry or are an ill key-styler you can post you own stuff in the Battle Board section of the Forums.

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Aspects Top Choice
Aspects Witchcraft
Blade 100%
Blade Bedroom Demo
Blade Dark & Sinister
Blade Fade 'Em Out - Simple
Blade Fuck The System
Blade God Give Me Strength
Blade Gripper The Pitbull
Blade Heads Are Forever Boppin'
Blade Hold Your Own
Blade How To Raise A Blade
Blade It Feels Good To Be A Lunatic
Blade Keep It Goin' On
Blade Keep Watchin This Space
Blade No Compromise
Blade No Mercy, No Future
Blade ...Or Get Crushed Like A Pumpkin
Blade Piss Take
Blade Rough It up
Blade Start The Revolution
Blade Suck On My Electric Guitar
Blade Survival Of The Hardest Working
Blade Take It To The Edge
Blade The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength
Blade The Power Of Positive Thinkin'
Blak Twang Dettwork South East
Blak Twang Real Estate
Braintax Don't Drag Me In
Braintax Escuchame
Braintax Exit
Braintax FutureGhost
Braintax Last Date
Braintax Oceans
Braintax Opening Titles
Braintax Peace
Braintax Riviera Hustle
Braintax The Grip
Braintax Tools
Braintax Tunnel Vision
The Brotherhood You Gotta Life
Cee Why ft. Jehst & Tommy Evans Water Torture
Cold Cut Boot The System
Def Tex Breathe Deep
Def Tex Poetic Speech Techniques
Def Tex Rock The Beat
Def Tex Sing Sad Songs
Def Tex Toes Are Sinking
DFXO Clash Titans
DFXO God Damn It
DFXO One Mil
DFXO Tha Undacroft
DFXO What The F
DJ Vadim Your Revolution
DJ Vadim ft. Skinnyman Colonalize
Doc Brown ft. LowKey Donnies Lament
Doyen D & Cocka Apokalipz Now
Doyen D & Cocka Famuz Laz Worz
Doyen D & Cocka The Quest
Easter Island Heads Easter Island
Fallacy & Fusion Groundbreaker
First Offence Government Decides
First Offence Hooligan
First Offence Three Steps
Fleapit Fleapit
Fleapit Mangle To This
Guttersnypes Judge Me Not
Herbaliser 8 Point Agenda
Herbaliser Verbal Anime
Herbaliser When I Shine
Huntkilbury Finn Audio Lotion
Jehst 1979
Jehst Adventures In New Bohemia
Jehst Alien
Jehst Brimstone
Jehst Carpe Diem
Jehst China Shop Tourist
Jehst Citizen Smif
Jehst City Of Industry
Jehst Die When You Die
Jehst Extra Sensory Perfection
Jehst Falling Down
Jehst Give It Here
Jehst High Plains Anthem
Jehst Independent
Jehst Intro
Jehst Manimals
Jehst Monotony
Jehst Return Of The Drifter
Jehst Run Hard
Jehst Trilogy (Remix)
Lost Island Operation Frisco
Mark B & Blade 24 Hours
Mark B & Blade Back In The Day
Mark B & Blade From The Word Lab
Mark B & Blade Hostile Takeover
Mark B & Blade Nobody Relates
Mark B & Blade Right Here, Right Now
Mark B & Blade Sealed With A Diss
Mark B & Blade The Long Awaited
Mark B & Blade The Unknown
Mark B & Blade There's No Stoppin It
Mark B & Blade We Stay Rough
Mark B & Blade Ya Don't See The Signs
Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy
MC Buzz B Jazz Track
Mindbomb Westwood Is A Twat
MK ft. Supa T, Jehst & Kyza It's All Live
Mr Jinx Meaow
Mr Jinx Throughout The Years
Mud Family Itchy Town
Mud Family MUD Files
Nextmen Break The Mould
Nextmen Thinking Man's Session
Nmonic ft. Jehst Body Clock
NSO Force Here We Go
Phi Life Cypher ABC
Phi Life Cypher BBC
Phi Life Cypher Crazy Balheads
Phi Life Cypher Drop Bombs
Phi Life Cypher Herbaholics
Phi Life Cypher Take Heed
Phi Life Cypher The Shining
R-I-P Angels & Devils
R-I-P Paper Chase
Richard Blackwood 1 2 3 4 Get With The Wicked
Richard Blackwood Mamma, Who Da Man
Rodney P Dedication
Roots Manuva Bashment Boogie
Roots Manuva Clockwork
Roots Manuva Cornmeal Dumpling
Roots Manuva Dreamy Days
Roots Manuva Dusted
Roots Manuva Inna
Roots Manuva Join The Dots
Roots Manuva Juggle Tings Proper
Roots Manuva Moments
Roots Manuva Sinking Sands
Roots Manuva Sinny Sin Sins
Roots Manuva Strange Behaviour
Roots Manuva Where My Mind Is At
Roots Manuva Witness (1 Hope)
Roots Manuva Wizdom Fall
Scotland Yard 2BNMC
SkinnyMan Hayden
Skitz Domestic Science
Skitz Fingerprints Of The Gods
Slick Rick Children's Story
Slick Rick Hey Young World
Slick Rick La Di Da Di
Slick Rick Mona Lisa
Slick Rick The Show
Stylah The Real Fuckries Of Life
Task Force Brothers Mc Bain
Task Force Cosmic Gypsies
Task Force I Wish
Task Force Intro
Task Force It's On You
Task Force Junkyard
Task Force Music From The Corner
Task Force One Step Ahead
Task Force Radio Babble On
Task Force Wha Blow
The Herbaliser Let It Go
The Herbaliser Mission Improbable
The Herbaliser Starlight
The Planets Knowledge Of Self
The Prince Of Thieves Friday Night
The Prince Of Thieves Notts City (Slap Ya Silly)
The Prince Of Thieves Wifey
Ty Break The Lock
Ty Hercules
Ty The Tale
UK Kartel No Doubt
Unanimous Freshest On The Mic
Zebrocski On The Run
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False Dawn:
Underground Years:
The Renaissance:
1995- 2000
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2000 & Beyond
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