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> We would like to offer you a selection of Truetones and polyphonics. So far we have about 50 tones from UK labels including artists like Blaktwang, Roots Manuva, Herbilizer etc. All of this content is official from the label directly and is artist approved.

> As the site grows it is hard to keep it running for free. Any financial help you can offer will help with the bandwidth...

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> New forums developed and are in testing right now. Get in there, secure your user names and see whether they work or not...

UK Demos

> This section is to big up all those unsigned crews out there. If you think you have what it takes send me your shiz.

UK Artists & Releases

> Check the details / reviews and features on releases I have been informed of...

UK Hip Hop Lyrics Archive

> We are trying to compile something approaching a comprehensive UK lyric library, but we need your help to add more.


> Numerous heads have been in contact from outside the UK so there is now a small section for all that overseas ish.

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Vie Marshall

4.Big Trev
6.Evil Ed
9.Rob Mantell
Site News & Updates

2005 Update - New site...
For ages this site has been too hard to maintain and too time consuming to keep as up to date and comprehensive as I would like. As the volume of UK Hip Hop ever expands something has had to give and this website has not been what it should be over the last few months. To this end I have been trying to develop another site which could hopefully fulfil my ambitions for the site, but this has also meant that the current site has been neglected. Head on over to and check it out. Be sure to let me know what you think, either by dropping off your comments in the forums, or emailing me. Once you login to the main site you will have the ability to submit news, links and reviews, so be sure to test out the functionality. Further to this, if you have any knowledge of CSS and Mambo CMS and wish to help out be sure to hit me up.

2004 Roundup
As you can tell it is becoming increasingly hard to run this site on a shoestring as bit of the site drop off and stop working. Firstly there is my time and I simply can't devote enough time to do the site the justice it deserves as well as holding down a job and running several other sites as well. This means that the updates are not as frequent as I would like and it also means that some artists who send me material get looked over and I can only apologise for that. The only thing I can suggest is that acts make it as easy for me as possible and I will do my best to get your stuff exposed. The other side to this is the pain that jumping from free server to another as their terms and conditions change or when that change their minds after they see the bandwidth. As you will see the forums have died, but there are plans for a re-instatement when I find the time. I had been asked if I have the old threads, but unfortunately it is all gone and we'll have to start from scratch. Additionally the web space donated by Universon for the sounds has died, so they are offline again.

So look down for the item on Recruiting as any help would be appreciated. If you like what is doing and as my pockets are getting a bit thin anything you can do to support this site would be greatly appreciated.

2002 Roundup
2002 has been a really hectic year fir British Hip Hop. Numerous people have dropped LPs, including towards the beginning of the year Wolftown were ruling for Wolves and Roots Manuva dropped two albums and hit the lower ends of the charts. Then towards the end of the year Blak Twang and Lewis Parker both dropped long awaited gems. Singles have been strong too with the title going to MK, Harry Love, Supa T, Kyza and Jehst for the Its All Live track. Low Life Records have been indie of the year again with releases from Braintax's Biro Funk and Jehst's Return Of the Drifter and the Low Life Starters From Verbal T and Chester P, as well as copious touring from Task Force and Mystro.

New Crews such as Iron Bridge from Telford and the Lost Souls from Brighton have made their mark on the scene and stalwarts like Rodney P and Disorda have kept the airwaves alight on Radio 1 Xtra and Itch respectively. The industry and media has been all over Hip Hop with the launch of new services and magazines have been fat. Big Daddy and Big Smoke may be having problems, but when they do come out they lead the way. Undercover is trying to emulate them and Indellible is flashest by far, being a DVDzine. has ensured that anyone can get their hands on all the UK releases.

Look out 2003...

Over the past few years the site has grown beyond my wildest expectations and I now find it impossible to devote all the time required to keep this going and up to date. We are always interested in receiving reviews, articles or interviews to post on the site. Being run totally not for profit we can't offer to pay you, but any work would be fully credited. Email me for more details, or to submit samples of your work for publication.

2002 Audio News
Many thanks to Universon who has hooked with some serious webspace and we now have all of the old audio back online. It is low quality streaming Real Audio, but the tracks are quite listenable. The links are found in the body of the text, so if you want to find them, you had better get reading the history.

June 2001 Update

Unfortunately Xoom/NBCi deleted my account and so all the sound files have gone. They didn't care that many of them were legal and licensed. So for the time being none of the sound links will work. I aim to fix it, but it might take a while. Anyone know of some good space (that will not delete the files), to store the sounds?

I hope you have been checking the artists section for interviews and features. We do need help to cover everything so if you want to contribute send in your reviews and any other stuff you want posting up. We do need more demos for that section, so if you are an unsigned crew that needs some exposure and publicity get your details to us. And finally we need to try and build a community in the forums where hopefully everyone can help each other out, so get posting. Remember we need you to help us make this site what you want. 

Database Update
I know it has been a long time since I updated this front section. As you will have noticed the Database has been revamped, to become fully searchable and also is now gaining record label info too. Much thanks Spoon. And remember people, to submit any information you may be aware of. A big thanks to everyone who has passed by and dropped off nice comments or even better helped out in some way.

2001 Update
2001 is turning out to be a pretty decent year, what with Mark B and Blade reaching the lower end of the top 40 with the 'Unknown' single and LPs from Ty, Phi Life Cypher and Skitz as well as videos from the Champions of Nature and Out Da Ville. Other great records include Braintax and Jehst on Low Life and Blak Twang, Evil Ed and Task Force.

New Sections
There is now set up a set of Message Forums for you to meet heads and chat, as well as a growing Artists Section featuring a mixture of reviews, release info, profiles and interviews, so peep that and if you have anything to submit send it in to us. And because so many people thought the database was a shop I have added a facility to purchase merchandise in your local currency via one of the worlds largest and trusted online retailors.

This thing is outgrowing me, so if there is anyone out there who would like to do reviews, write articles or conduct interviews or just generally keep the contents up to date get in contact and help me out.

I still aim to help heads out as much as possible, but may have to be a bit harsher and not reply to everyone. It could well be the case that you message would be better placed in the forums. For example if you are going to email me and ask what you should rap about, I'm going to tell you not to bother, because if you don't know there is no point.

Launch Info
I had been meaning to do this for some time now. There seems to be plenty of sites out there offering bounteous reviews of UK Hip Hop records and a few dishing up the latest news (later on I aim to lead you to both), but there didn't appear to be any that drew all these disparate entities together or that offered a general overview and chronological history of the genre in this country. What follows is not meant to be complete, but is my experience of growing up in one of the UK's urban jungles and being deeply influenced by Hip Hop and its associated culture. It is however meant to showcase those who have for so long gone under acknowledged and broke.

Due to numerous requests I have posted this early and there are obviously quite a few omissions, like the Brotherhood, Dave the Ruf, Mr 45, Damaged Goods, Deliverance, Asher D & Daddy Freddy, Cold Cut, Funky DL, Mighty Ethnics, MC Buzz B etc. I hope to add more details when I have time, so check back. But there is only so much I can do. If you spot any errors or HTML problems please let me know and if you have any requests for content or ideas/submissions send them to me here. As I can only write about what I know there will be a lot of regional information missing that I am not aware of. If you want to contribute an article about your area of the country I'd be happy to post it up here, along with any pictures or sounds. 

Let me know what you think by signing the guestbook or emailing me direct. 

Also follow the links to the most complete UK Hip Hop Discography and help provide a service by submitting details of anything missing or anyone who deserves recognition or respect.

Finally we have just added the facility for re-directs, so if you are frustrated with your complicated URL and don't like the pop up windows or frames of other re-direct services use ours for free: Email us your details.

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